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fever detection devices

Do to the epidemic this year all around the world, us as a people have been hit hard financially, physically, and emotionally from the effects of COVID-19 and the havoc it has rained down on the world.  We have all had to make adjustments whether it be in our work environment, or at home in our personal lives with our families and doing what we can to keep them safe, and healthy.  Well one of our partner companies that provides us with the amazing surveillance cameras we sell here at North Woods Audio ad Sound has stepped up their game and shows us how there are companies out there that do truly have their customers well being one of their top priorities.  They have introduced three different devices to help businesses in keeping their customers and employees safe.  There is The Logos Fever and Metal Detector. This metal detector has eighteen detection zones to detect any metals a person has o their person when walking through the device. It also has a non-contact wrist temperature check to detect if one has a high fever.  Then we have The Delphi.  This device also has the non-contact wrist thermometer to detect if someone has a high temperature just wave your wrist next to the sensor.  And last but not least there is The Apollo. The Apollo is a thermal camera solution to detect body temperature of people while they are in motion passing by. With this device it will capture the body temperature of everyone who walks within its view.  So no wondering how may people would ignore the other devices or simply refuse to check their self.  Though this camera does come with a bit of certain criteria in the kind of environment it is placed in so it can get accurate readings by performing the way it should and designed.  And as everything now a days has to come with a disclaimer here is the disclaimer for the fever detection devices.

DISCLAIMER- SCW’s fever detection devices are designed only to detect fevers. They are not designed to identify why that person has a fever. They are not intended to diagnose or identify the Coronavirus or any other disease/ailment.

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