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Series - Processors & Controller
Rear Low Pass  25Hz – 400Hz  Subwoofer
Rear High Pass  25Hz – 400Hz  Midrange
Front High Pass  25Hz – 400Hz  Midrange
Front High Pass  500Hz – 8 kHz  Mid / High
Characteristics  Low Pass  18dB per Octave Slope, 3rd Order
Characteristics  High Pass  12dB per Octave Slope, 3rd Order
Equalization  0 – 15dB Boost
Frequency Response  10Hz – 30 kHz  (-3dB)
THD  < 0.01%
S/N Ratio  95dB
Max Output Level  7 Volts RMS
Dimensions (W x D x H)  7.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.75″
Crossover Slopes: 18dB or 12dB
Fully adjustable frequencies
Multi-Link Capability
Selectable Parametric 15dB Bass Boost
Phase Shift-Control
Audio Stereo / Mono Selector
Self Powered Featuring Fully Isolated DC-to-DC Power Supply
Dashboard Bass Remote Control Included
The CXR-7 is designed for sound quality audiophiles seeking to custom tailor their crossover functions and frequencies to multi-amp systems.
The crossover slopes feature either a steep 18dB low pass or a gentle 12dB high pass roll-off. All frequencies are fully adjustable, and you can even multi-link two CXR-7’s for additional 6 channels of output. Other features include an adjustable parametric bass equalizer with a selectable bass boost, a phase shift-control, and an audio stereo/mono selector.
The self-powered unit features a fully isolated DC-to-DC power supply, which boasts a 7-volt line driver signal. The CXR-7 comes complete with a 14ft cable and dashboard bass remote control.

3-Way Elect. Crossover w/7V Line Driver

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