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  • Includes (1) Universal Speaker Recoil Stabilizer
  • Assists in Achieving Optimal Audio Performance
  • Helps Promote the Flow of 'Clean' Speaker Sound Projection
  • Reduces Vibration & Unwanted Audio Resonance
  • Stabilizes and Isolates the Speaker
  • Effectively Absorbs Bass Recoil
  • Made of Thick, High-Density, Engineered Durable Foam
  • Carpet Covered Wooden Platform Base
  • Simply Place Your Speaker on the Pad Platform
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Speaker Base Pad
  • Suitable for On Stage or In-Studio Use
  • For Beginner and Professional Acoustical Applications
  • Universal Compatibility with Virtually All Speaker Types
  • Works with Studio Monitors, Subwoofers, Louspeakers, Shelf Speakers, etc.
  • Used by Musicians, Instrument Players, Performers, Sound Engineers, DJ, MC, etc.
  • Constructed from Wood Base, Engineered Foam and Blanketed Cover
  • Size (L x W x H): 15.0'' x 23.3'' x 3.0''
  • Maximum Speaker Weight Limit: 100 lbs.
  • Acoustic Sound Isolation Dampening Recoil Stabilizer Speaker Riser Platform Base

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