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4 1080P cameras at 30 FPS
4 4MP cameras at 25 FPS
4 4K cameras at 30 FPS

40 Mbps incoming bitrate; 10 Mbps per channel

H.265 encoding


VCA: Motion Detection, Line Crossing, Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, People Counting, Vandalism Detection
Video Content Analytics (VCA) Search
VCA Event based Email Alerts
Remote Footage Download
1 Click Firmware Update


1 x 4K, 2 x 4MP, 4 x 1080p

Smartphone Apps
Tablet Apps
Windows Apps
Mac Viewing Apps
Internet Explorer Viewing


1 hard drive bay
Rack Mount Tray Optional
Cat5e (RJ45) Ethernet to Network
Standard 3-Prong Wall Plug
4 SCWEasyConnect ports on back for Plug and play 2018 SCW camera auto-configuration
VGA Monitor Out
4K HDMI Out for TVs/Monitors
Footage Download via USB


Motion Detection, Alerts, and VCA

This Admiral NVR is a motion detection NVR. Feel free to read more about these features by clicking on the link, but here's a quick synopsis:

Alerts and Notifications:

Get email alerts with snapshot images of motion detection alerts or VCA events

Set a schedule to get emails only on the hours of the day you want.

Get Push Notifications to the SCW Go Application for Android and iPhone.

Automatically upload snapshot images via FTP


Create your own customizable record schedule, including recording based on the day of the week, hours of the day, or even choose not to record for periods of time. Set constant recording during business hours and only motion during closed hours.

Motion, VCA, or 24/7 Recording - Record based on motion detection, VCA (video content analysis), or set the system to record 24/7. You can even record based on alarm inputs!

Motion Detection You Can Use in Court - If your system is set to record based on motion or VCA events, you can have a 60 second pre-event buffer to grab footage prior to the detection. You can also set the system to record up to 10 minutes after an incident is detected. Motion detection footage does not "time out" and stop recording mid scene. Motion Clips cannot be deleted by employees or other users.

Customizable Motion Detection Recording through VCA events:

VCA features vary by camera model, and can include:

Intrusion Detection - Monitor areas with precision, define zones, set time thresholds, and sensitivity.

Line Crossing - Create virtual lines to detect people or objects crossing doors, entrances, and more.

People Counting - Determine how many people are entering and exiting. Keep and review daily logs.

Audio Detection - Listens for Rises or falls in volume, and sudden loud noises.

Vandal Detection - Get alerts based on tampering detection, defocusing, or any dramatic scene changes.


Smart Search - Quickly review footage by filtering by motion detected in specific areas of the screen, by the face captured, by intrusion into certain areas, or by line crossing

People Counting Statistics - view traffic stats on your NVR or download a CSV file


Commercial Grade Features

This Admiral 4 Channel NVR is part of our commercial grade NVR line. Feel free to read more about these features and what commercial grade means to us, but here's a quick synopsis, as to how it relates to NVRs:

Surveillance Rated Hard Drive - NVRs need Surveillance Rated Hard Drives, as PC drives will overheat and fail.

Store 40% more data with H.265 video compression or switch back to H.264, if you need H.264 third-party integration support.

Passes vibration and surge testing up to 6,0000 volts - SCW NVRs can withstand vibration and surges up to 6,000 volts.

Cyber Security Protections - hackers can't easily see SCW cameras because they run on a special, isolated network created by the NVR. (For more information and a history of some of the larger cyber security attacks that have affected the industry, please see our guide on best practices for preventing IOT hacks.)

4K at 30 FPS Capable - Sufficient Bitrate (processing power) to Record Smooth Video

Easy 1 Click Firmware Update Process - Maintenance made easy.

750 Foot POE Extended Transmission: the old 300 foot limitations are a thing of the past.

No Recording Delay - Even when recording on motion.

ONVIF compliant - this NVR complies with the open industry standard ONVIF for both Profile S (video & audio streaming) and Profile Q POE ports (you can plug-and-play with other Profile Q compliant cameras).

NAS backup - this NVR can extend its storage or mirror its contents onto a second location on a NAS (networked attached storage) device



3 or 5 Year Warranty


SCW view station PC/Mac Software


SCW View Station is both Mac and PC compatible and is 100% free.



Browser Plugin



SCWGo Smartphone and Tablet Apps

SCWGo is availible for both Android and iPhone/iPad.

You download these apps from your phone's app store. Just look for the SCWGo app.






The Admiral 4 Channel 4K NVR