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Important Use Notice
SCW’s fever detection devices are designed only to detect fevers. They are not designed to identify why that person has a fever. They are not intended to diagnose or identify the Coronavirus or any other disease/ailment.


The Apollo is a thermal camera solution. All thermal camera solutions require certain installation and environmental parameters to achieve accurate temperature readings. Please check the "How to Install" tab for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the SCW team.

Thermal in Motion
Detects people while they're moving
This fever detection system detects high temperatures while people are moving, no need to stop for read outs.

Ideal for locations with lots of foot traffic such as airports, train stations, arenas, large churches, and more.

High Accuracy Temperature
High Accuracy
≤+0.54°F Accuracy

High accuracy for reliable detection.

High Accuracy Temperature
Automatic Temperature Calibration
Thermal camera automatically calibrates.

Dual Spectrum Video
The Apollo features dual spectrum video for both thermal and visible light.

Temperature read outs are on both video feeds.

Blackbody included
Blackbodys help calibrate and keep the thermal camera accurate and precise

Thermal camera systems without a blackbody are likely to fluctuate temperatures.

The Apollo - In Motion Temperature/Fever Detection Thermal Camera System