The Gladiator is very similar to our Viking camera, but has twice the resolution. It has a motorized telephoto lens that allows you to optically zoom in to see a distant area more clearly. You can adjust the angle of view with our apps, over the web, or via your SCW NVR. Just like with a point-and-shoot camera or a pair of binoculars, when narrow the field-of-view, you zoom in on an area and you can see more detail in that area. 4K video records 8 Million pixels per frame and the Gladiator shoots 30 frames per second. The Gladiator also has a P-Iris, which allows it to change its aperture on the fly and optimally focus in all lighting conditions.

The Gladiator 8.0 - 26BV8 - 4K (8MP = 4x1080P) Multi-Purpose Lens Bullet Camera

SKU: 26BV8