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Designed for Limited Access, High Security Areas

Although some homeowners install the Knight where you might find a motion light, the Knight is especially useful in highly security areas, limited access areas such as server rooms, oil and gas outposts (which is why it is rated for extreme cold), or warehouses.

The Knight is a specialized version of our Viking camera with three modifications to improve low light performance. First, it has an oversized image sensor to allow in more light and is able to take color photos down to 0.001 lux. It also has a PIR motion sensor that turns on a natural, full spectrum motion light when movement is detected close to the camera. This lights up the area and allows the camera to take color video in any condition. Lastly, It has a specialized DC-Iris lens which allows it to adjust to changing light level very rapidly. Like the Viking, It has a motorized telephoto lens that allows you to optically zoom in to see a distant area more clearly. The Knight is a great choice for anyone who needs a color photo at night.

The Knight 2.0 - 26BV2-W - 2MP Camera with Security Light. Designed for Restrict

SKU: 26BV2-W
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