Important Use Notice
SCW’s fever detection devices are designed only to detect fevers. They are not designed to identify why that person has a fever. They are not intended to diagnose or identify the Coronavirus or any other disease/ailment.

If you have any questions please free contact the SCW team.

Touch free wrist measurement
Touch free sanitary wrist measurement
Checks temperature without contact.

Up to 1 inch distance

High Accuracy Temperature
≤+0.54°F Accuracy

High accuracy for reliable detection.

Fast reading
Fast temperature reading times and quick responses.

Up to 30 people per minute

Detection Method

Non contact wrist check

Detects temperature by placing wrist next to sensor. No contact required.


High accuracy thermometer
≤+0.54°F Accuracy
High Accuracy Temperature

Indoor Only


Sound and visual alerts on screen


special features
18 detection zone metal detector

Up to 255 levels of metal detector sensitivity

Touch free wrist measurement

Alerts on high temperatures

High and normal temperature counts

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