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The Radius has is a fisheye 360 degree camera. The Radius is often used in office environments where it is installed in the middle of the room where it can look into several cubicles at once. The Radius can record at 12MP (about 1.5 4K or 6x 1080P). Because it is a 360 degree camera, it records a circular image. This image is usually then dewarped into Panorama views or ePTZ (digital pan tilt zoom) views (see below for samples). Each Panoramic or ePTZ view can be recorded independently of the fisheye circular view, but because dewarping takes processing power, it will use a camera channel on your NVR for each view that you want to view/record. The Radius also has an an integrated microphone and speaker. It should be able to pick up a normal speaking voice at 15 feet. Unlike recording video, recording audio is heavily regulated. It is very important when recording audio to follow the rules and regulations set out in the Federal Wiretap Act; because of this law, the microphone's default setting is "off." If you want to turn the microphone on, we will gladly help you, but you should make sure you are complying with the law before doing so.

The Radius 12.0 - 26P12 - 12MP 360° Fisheye Dome Camera

SKU: 26P12
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